Free Special Report on the Benefits of Lean Six Sigma Training Specifically for Labs

Training Lab Staff in Lean Principles is a Key Step to Eliminating Inefficiencies

If you’re a lab professional, you’re facing turbulent times:

  • Staff shortages stressing teams faced with growing testing demands
  • Increasing costs as supply chain issues continue
  • Quality control concerns as work backlogs build
  • Project delays due to shrinking efficiencies

Download our free special report, The Benefits of Lean Six Sigma for Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups, that provides an overview of Lean Six Sigma concepts and illustrates how the model serves as a useful ally for labs in the current clinical diagnostic environment.

Organizations that adopt Lean Six Sigma:

  • Save money by identifying and reducing waste
  • Develop an agile and flexible work environment free of defects
  • Enhance diagnostic decision making by eliminating process variation
  • Get prepared for future crises with skilled teams working collaboratively
  • Demonstrate a high laboratory quality to payors
  • Strengthen the team's expertise with Six Sigma training

What exactly is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is an approach that combines elements of Lean and Six Sigma
to achieve greater efficiency.

Six Sigma is a data driven approach to continuous improvement based on identification and elimination of defective processes in the laboratory.

Lean focuses on processes to eliminate waste to improve efficiency.

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